What I use

Some time ago, a few (former) editors of Lifehacker exposed the gear they use daily. You may read about the hardware, software and desk setups of Kevin Purdy, Jason Fitzpatrick, Adam Pash, Adam Dachis and Whitson Gordon. As a bonus, they also added some productivity tips. Altough some of their tools may be somewhat outdated nowadays, their choices, ideas and tips are still refreshing. Here's what I use.

At home I use an ordinary, nameless PC of a few years old.

At work, I use a laptop of my employer, Ordina. By the way, Ordina is an abbreviation of ordinateur, which is the French word for computer. In addition to the installed software, I use some portable applications. I carry 'my' laptop, along my other work-stuff, in a backpack of HP.

Furthermore, I own a Acer Aspire A110 netbook. My software of choice for this machine is Puppy Linux. This is a very light weight operating system completely running in RAM. I use the netbook mostly for surfing the internet.

Browser and web apps
Both at home and at work, my browsers of choice are Iron and Firefox. The fox is heavily tweaked. Adblock Plus and HTTPS Everywhere are added to both browsers. At work I use Readability about which I wrote earlier. As mentioned elsewhere, I use bookmarklets, for instance to share articles or to translate them.

On the web I use GMail along with Rapportive, Feedly (since Google Reader stopped), Blogger and Diigo. And ofcourse, the social media mentioned on my profile.

Although my employer gave me a smartphone, I still like... the Nokia 6310i. It's reliable, easy to use, has a good battery life (even after years of intensive usage) and... enables me to call and to be called. Apart from work, it's the best choice for outdoor and sporting activities, like randonneuring.

What about you? Which gear do you use?