About me

My name is Peter and I live in the Netherlands. I enable companies to optimise their Business Processes and to set up effective Information Management at Squerist. Furthermore, I'm a teacher Supply Chain Management, Business Process Management & Lean Six Sigma at NCOI. Earlier in my career, I worked for several companies dedicated to logistics and/or ICT. To work efficient and smart, I'm an avid lifehacker.

I enjoy reading books. According to my job I read much about business in general as well as ICT, innovation, logistics, leadership, management and strategy. Many books are written about these topics, so one need to be selective. Among others, I use selections made by other people. Therefore I joined the Personal MBA programme and the Goodreads community. Furthermore I'm reading about my other interests like history, sports and travel.

In my spare free time, I enjoy randonneuring on my recumbent bike. For those interested: I also blog about bikes and cycling at Cyclo Racing. I'm married with children and last but not least, I'm a Christian.
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