Last week, I told you what I use. Altough I like my good old Nokia, I also use a smartphone A not so new Samsung Galaxy Ace. As I don't like its Android flavour, I went looking for alternatives. I found out, it's possible to root a phone and install another flavour of Android, a so called ROM. Why? There are many reasons, like enhancing privacy, security and battery life. For me, it's first of all about freedom. That's why I like open source software.

I searched the web and found plenty alternatives. Cyanogenmod seemed to be the best. So I read their site, some reviews and downloaded the stable version for my device. Installation was painless. The result? The phone looks clean, offers many options and is easy to understand. Good work guys!

Now, I'm looking for useful apps. I found some examples here and there. I installed Brightness Level and QR Droid immediately. I also like the LinkedIn app.

I'm curious about my 'new' phone. Will I like it in the long term? Will it perform? Will its battery live longer (now it'll last only one day per charge)?

What's your OS of choice? Which apps do you like?