The 100 best business books of all time

I've written about the Personal MBA on this blog. A programme based on a list of 99 books. But Kaufman isn't the only one, creating a list of business books. Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten composed another list: The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. Together they found one book more then Kaufman. :-) As stated on the Best Business Books site:
"After years of reading, evaluating, and selling business books, Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten are the most respected experts on the category. Now they have chosen the 100 best business titles of all time - the ones that deliver the biggest payoff for today's busy readers."

The books on the list are divided in different categories.
  • You
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Rules and Scorekeeping
  • Management
  • Biographies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Narratives
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Big ideas
  • Takeaways

Covert and Sattersen wrote also a book about their list. You won't be surprised by the name of it: The 100 Best Business Books of All Time: What They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You.

At the time of writing, I've read about one thirth of these books. So there's still a lot work to do. :-) Besides some of the books mentioned above, I liked for instance  Good to Great by Jim Collins, The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Did you know this business book list?

Happy reading!