How to really use LinkedIn (book review)

How to REALLY use LinkedIn
Jan Vermeiren & Bert Verdonck

LinkedIn is a useful tool for building and maintaining your professional network. I myself use it daily. Jan Vermeiren and Bert Verdonck wrote a book called How to really use LinkedIn about this social medium for businesses and professionals.

First of all the authors make clear it's important to have a professional network. They explain networking is about asking, giving or sharing and thanking. So you have to know the magic word. ;-) They introduce their so-called Know, Like and Trust Factor: people have to know you (being visible), like you (being helpful, kind and not pushy) and trust you (for being an expert and upright). They also emphasize the importance of networking on- and offline (away from keyboard).

Vermeiren and Verdonck explain how to create an attractive profile and how to build a diverse and high quality network. They also make clear the importance of LinkedIn Groups as they enable you to meet like-minded people and share knowledge. The book provides useful tips for personal branding: how to become visible and credible. It teaches us to reach customers, jobs and employees.

Last and maybe least, readers get an explanation of the site. Settings, preferences and so on. Being a lifehacker, Vermeiren added some other useful tools.

I like How to really use LinkedIn. It's about networking and not just about another fancy tool. It provides useful tips to build and maintain a diverse and high quality professional network. It helped me to build my personal brand and to keep in touch with interesting people. As the somewhat fancy layout distracts me, I prefer a cleaner look of the pages. But that's all a matter of taste, ofcourse.

Did you read the book? How do you use LinkedIn?

Happy networking!