Repair Café

Picture: Viva Rheden
A Café what? A Repair Café!

In the West we throw away lots of things. But why dump stuff that can be repaired easily? When goods get a second live, no new articles need to be created. Therefore, no raw materials are needed and less energy will be consumed. Very sustainable!

Repair Café's are local places or meetings where visitor's bring their broken items from home. This can be clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, etc. Together with some specialists, they repair these goods. Tools and (some) materials are in stock.

Visitor's may also drink a cup of coffee or even tea. There's a also reading table with books about DIY, maintenance and repairs.

The first Repair Café was organised in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam during 2009. A year later the international Repair Café Foundation was set up.

In the place where I live (nearby), the Repair Café is located alongside the Fab Lab about which I wrote earlier.

Good luck with your repairs!