The new makers

It's been silent on my blog. For too long in fact. But hey, I've also other things to do! Now summer is over - at least here - I'm able to write again. Today, about the Maker Movement.

As I told earlier, we've a nice initiative in The Netherlands which is called Permanent Beta (as the site is in Dutch, you may translate it). The initiators may be inspired by the authors of The Start-up of You who encourage us - surprise, surprise - to live in permanent beta.

Among other activities, we follow a Dutch series of documentaries ('Tegenlicht') and discuss them during our MeetUPs. A few weeks ago, we started with The new makers.

After a short welcome, we watched the documentary. Among others prof. Neil Gerschenfeld of the MIT Center for bits and atoms told about his experiences at university. Jeremy Rifkin, consultant and author of The Zero Marginal Cost Society, gave his opinion on the development of producing at near zero marginal costs.

Afterwards, three people gave their opinion about the growth of the maker movement. We had good discussions, told each other about new developments and socialized.

Well, that's a brief summary, isn't it? For those interested, pictures, reports and even videos (in Dutch) of the event can be found on Permanent Beta and MeetUP.

I got interested in the topic. I think I'll start reading Makers and/or Fab. Next week more about Fab Labs. Are you already a prosumer? Do you use a 3D printer for example?