Project Gutenberg

Are you looking for free e-books? Visit Project Gutenberg and you'll find plenty of them. At the time of writing, 42,000. Around 50 e-books are added weekly.

Long before Google started scanning books, Michael Hart  created an electronic text of the US Declaration of Independence by typing it into a computer. He did so in 1971. The US Bill of Rights and the Bible followed. A project was born. It was named after Johannes Gutenberg who introduced printing to Europe.

Hart's aim was to make e-texts and e-books available on every sort of computer. Therefore he started in ASCII. Later other standards were added like PDF, HTML and EPUB. In the early years, texts were typed by volunteers. Nowadays, the books are scanned and pre-read.

The books are free - as in freedom - as US copywrights are expired. The project is still looking  for volunteers and donations.

I really like this huge collection of books altough most of them are elder titles. The side is plain and simple.

Happy reading!