LinkedIn: tips & tricks

Personally, I use LinkedIn daily. I keep in touch with classmates, former colleagues, business partners and friends. On this blog, I wrote about the start-up of you and how to really use LinkedIn.

The team of MakeUseOf published some good articles about the functionality of this business networking site. They help you to make your profile irresistable and create a nice looking resume, based on your profile. They've also documented how to stay connected smartly.

Furthermore you'll find some little known features that make it more fun to network professionaly and some hacks you should use to further your career. It's also possible to research you next job.

Some time ago, they wrote about Signals, a nice feature to keep track of what's going on in your network. Another feature documented is InMaps which is part of Labs. It visualizes your network. For people with many connections, I may take a while, but it's worth waiting for as you get a nice overview of the links between your connections.

Last but not least: they wrote a guide which can be read online and downloaded. Despite the fact it's written in 2012, it contains much useful information. Highly recommended.

How do you use LinkedIn?

Happy networking!