We read a lot on the internet nowadays. News sites, blogs, social media, etc. Are you distracted on many sites by blinking ads, news tickers, tweets and so on? I do. Therefore, I use Readability. According to its makers...
"READABILITY turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet."
That's just what it does. And it does it prety well. Let's get an example. Here's an article on MakeUseOf.

And here's the same article, using Readability. Notice the difference?

Just text and pictures. Nothing else. Lines are also smaller which require less eye movements. I like it very much for deep reading. It's less suited for searching and scanning information.

It's also possible to save articles for later reading, sharing them on social media, e-mailing them and sending them to your e-reader. Readability is available for free as an add-on for popular browsers like Firefox/Iceweasel, Chrome/Chromium/Iron, a bookmarklet for any web browser, an app for Android and iOS and - last but not least - an webapp.

Happy reading!