Some years ago, I used to work with Lotus Notes. In my opionion still the best software for knowledge workers. Their slogan was (is?) Work smarter, not harder. Since then, I kept their motto in mind.

This post is not a software review. It's about lifehacking. You may have noticed, I mention the term several times at my blog. But what is lifehacking about? At first, I won't give you an exact definition as the concept is not as easy to outline. Wikipedia doesn't either; it only describes the term.

Well, lifehacking is about doing things smarter. Not only at work but also in every day life. With or without tools. It's about saving time, money or both. Like tying your shoes efficiently, training your brain or finding the true north without a compass. There are also many computer related lifehacks like keeping your inbox empty, using keyboard shortcuts or an application launcher. Let's watch the TED Talk Smart in business, fun in life!, by Bert Verdonck to clarify the subject further.

Let's be clear: lifehacking is not about breaking in in computers, stealing private data and/or criminal activities. In fact a hack is a smart solution, often - but not exclusively - used by software developers.

The term life hack was introduced by Danny O'Brien, an English technology journalist. Later on, the words were merged into lifehacking. People started sharing their thoughts, tips and tricks. Merlin Mann started 43 folders, Leon Ho Lifehack.org, Gina Trapani Lifehacker.com and Leo Babauta Zen Habits. Among others, these websites provide tons of information, tips and tricks about the subject. 

As you may know, I am an avid book reader. Luckily there are plenty books about lifehacking. For instance: David Allen wrote Getting Things Done, Gina Trapani and Adam Pash Lifehacker and - last but not least - Leo Babauta The Power of Less and Focus. Later on, I'll publish a list with recommended lifehacking books and some reviews.

Are you a lifehacker? Do you have interesting tips or tricks to share? Don't hesistate to post a comment below.

Happy lifehacking!